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Cardano’s current drop has renewed detrimental sentiment amongst traders, when Orbeon Protocol has witnessed a massive growth in price in its 1st phase presale, and is predicted to soar as high as 6000%, so substantially so that investors from all above the crypto group are thronging the new challenge. Let’s get a seem at what has took place this week.

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Why is Cardano Taking Huge Hits?

As you may already know, Cardano is struggling in the current market conditions. In fact, Dogecoin has surpassed it in terms of overall trading volume, which has given strong indications toward the current market movement for Cardano.

While opinions are varied on why this is the case, the main reason is likely due to the inherent volatility Cardano possesses right now.

Cardano has notoriously been one of the most volatile cryptocurrencies on the market, as the crypto market has barely started to recover from the 2021 crash, investing in assets such as Cardano is not a popular choice among investors.

It is also worth mentioning that the markets as a whole are struggling right now – so this is undoubtedly another factor that has played a substantial role in Cardano’s downfall.

Either way Cardano has a long-term bullish outlook for the future, due to the reliable technical updates and forward-thinking development it has exemplified so far. As the market continues to recover, we may see more bullish momentum for ADA.

Experts Predict a Bright Future for Orbeon

Orbeon Protocol is one of the fast-growing projects in the current market, and it has already seen a 100% increase in value since the presale began.

Orbeon Protocol is disrupting the venture capital industry with its unique function as a blockchain investment platform, which allows startups to raise capital through crowdfunding by being minted as fractionalised NFTs. These NFTs are then made available for purchase for as low as $1, acting as an investment in the company. This approach allows startups to raise capital rapidly while sidestepping regulatory hurdles that affect fundraising. Investors can also take part in the venture capital industry with minimal risk, thanks to Orbeon Protocol’s “fill or kill” mechanism, written into the NFTs smart contract. Any company that fails to reach its fundraising goals in the set timeframe has its NFTs automatically refunded to investors.

The projects native ORBN token is set to skyrocket as well. Investors are very eager to invest in ORBN due to its immense utility, providing holders with benefits and perks across the whole Orbeon ecosystem. These include staking rewards, transaction fee discounts and project governance rights.

This growth is even further exacerbated by the fact that the presale is only going to last for so long. Investors everywhere are rushing to buy as much ORBN as they can, and with a price surge from $0.004 to $0.24 predicted, this comes as absolutely no surprise.

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