Feeling | Maybe I don’t have an understanding of FTX and cryptocurrency after all #Impression #dont #comprehend #FTX #cryptocurrency

Yikes! I am commencing to be concerned that I do not truly have an understanding of how cryptocurrency is effective! I form of thought that if all the cash disappeared, that was a indicator that your encryption was operating?

But I just take it from how upset most people is obtaining about the collapse of FTX and continuing aftershocks that … it is not supposed to do that? It is taking place to me now that some of the things about FTX that I believed have been “totally wonderful, regular items that are always true” might … not be?

I am a bit ashamed because I unquestionably believed I comprehended how cryptocurrency is effective, 100 percent. It was spelled out to me, and I reported, “Sure! Of study course!” at all the intervals the place that was known as for, and I have never ever had it spelled out to me again — for the reason that I considered I recognized, of study course! Not just since at that level I experienced mentioned “Sure! Of program!” so quite a few occasions that to check with abide by-ups would have shamed me.

But now I have some other questions that I may possibly as properly get onto the table. Apologies if any of these are silly.

Many thanks! I promise I never have any other queries, and I absolutely fully grasp every thing else which is going on with cryptocurrency! The Byzantine generals!

Oh, just one extra point, in fact: Is this pretty very good, invisible, high-priced fabric that I was also given to have built into the greatest robes to exhibit my dedication to successful altruism … very little? Is it practically nothing? Be sure to explain to me if it is nothing at all.

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