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Decentralized Apps (DApps) built on Cardano (ADA) are paving the way for a new decentralized internet. The Cardano blockchain is a next-generation smart contract and decentralized application platform. It is engineered to scale seamlessly, providing sophisticated features such as atomic swaps and sub-second finality.

Cardano offers privacy by design, keeping transaction data private while ensuring that information remains readily available, whether public or private.

Here are seven of the best DApps built on Cardano.

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The most prominent blockchains always have a decentralized exchange (DEX). For example, Ethereum has Uniswap, BNB Chain has PancakeSwap, and Polygon has QuickSwap.

MinSwap serves as Cardano’s biggest and one of the most popular DEXs. Moreover, MinSwap’s influence keeps growing, with $64.88 million total value locked accounting for 40.9% blockchain dominance, according to Defi Llama.

MinSwap works by integrating the best asset pool models into one protocol. It is an automated market maker (AMM) that allows users to trade assets with low fees via a secure, user-friendly platform. MinSwap’s innovative token distribution and liquidity pool strategy have contributed to its rising popularity. Its multi-function liquidity pool aggregates the best features of other DeFi protocols. Users can also pay transaction fees in other tokens without having to hold ADA, the native token for the Cardano blockchain.

MinSwap offers yield farming, launchpads, and governance, with its unique model benefiting everyone in its exchange ecosystem. Traders and liquidity providers engage on a user-friendly interface with a cool space cat theme.

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CNFT is the first marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Cardano. It provides a user-friendly platform for anyone to mint, buy, and sell NFTs on the Cardano blockchain.

CNFT allows anyone with a Web3 wallet to connect to their platform and get started with NFT purchases. Web3 wallets currently supported include Typhon, Eternl, Flint, Gero, and Nami. Users can earn $CNFT, the platform’s native token, for every NFT they buy or sell. Holding $CNFT also provides users with early access to NFT sales and free NFT airdrops.

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Labs by Mutants is a next-generation platform for NFT holders and creators. It is a DApp created specifically to provide utility to any NFT collection. Labs by Mutants offers two distinct utilities called Raffles and Staking.

  • Raffles allow any NFT project to create raffles for placement or embedding on their custom page. Users can also host and manage raffles for verified NFT projects.
  • Staking gives NFT projects the ability to configure policy IDs for their projects. These policy IDs allow holders to access the project page on Mutant Labs and stake their NFTs. It is an innovative way to identify and reward NFT holders.

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The Cardano blockchain features a variety of fantastic gaming and metaverse DApps. Cornucopias stands out as it combines three distinct blockchain gaming features with a Play-to-Earn, Build-to-Earn, and Learn-to-Earn platform.

Players can earn crypto in-game, which can be converted to fiat currency. Players can also craft their own non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and mint them for other players to buy. Cornucopias is also building game-based learning into its metaverse, with players earning rewards for learning various topics.

Cornucopias merges gaming with real-world commerce with limitless opportunities for gamers, entrepreneurs, and companies looking to compete in the metaverse space. The massive earning potential and endless possibilities of the game are what make Cornucopias one of the most exciting metaverse projects.

Cornucopias is built on Unreal Engine 5, which is known for its cinematic graphics and game-changing motion design. This makes it compatible with PCs, mobile, and consoles allowing the game to reach a huge gaming community.

5. Empowa (EMP)

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Blockchain has the potential to make the world exponentially better, and Empowa is one of the projects at the forefront of this. Empowa is a property platform on Cardano that combines sustainable building, blockchain technology, and decentralized financial inclusion for all. Empowa’s mission is to provide accessible housing plans and banking services for underbanked persons in Africa.

Reports estimate that 84% of Africans live without a permanent roof over their heads. This is the problem Empowa solves. Its utility token (EMP) allows individuals and organizations to participate in the Empowa ecosystem. As a result, users can actively engage in initiatives focusing on sustainable projects in Africa while using a common store of value.

Leveraging Cardano’s blockchain technology and DeFi, Empowa overcomes traditional issues that have stifled financial and property growth in Africa. As a result, Empowa has the potential to unlock affordable and greener homes for the majority of Africans.

6. Djed (DJED)

Djed is an algorithmic stablecoin backed by SHEN (DJED’s reserve coin) and ADA (Cardano’s native coin), with COTI serving as its official issuer. COTI (Currency Of The Internet) utilizes a directed acyclic graph (DAG) to provide high transaction throughput with low transaction fees.

Djed’s protocol acts like an autonomous bank buying and selling stablecoins in a price range pegged to a target price. Djed also ensures price stabilization through formal verification. SHEN is a reserve token that maintains the algorithmic peg of DJED. Users maintain the peg of DJED to USD by buying and selling SHEN while earning a share of transaction fees in the pool.

A major advantage Djed has over other stablecoins is that its algorithm is based on a 400% to 800% collateral ratio for DJED and SHEN. Price fluctuations by ADA are offset by SHEN, covering shortfalls and guaranteeing the collateralization rate.

However, as we saw in the enormous Terra Luna algorithmic stablecoin crash, cryptos controlled using an algorithm have unique vulnerabilities.

7. Revuto

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Revuto offers a platform that allows users to keep track of all their subscription services. Globally, people have a plethora of subscription services linked to their bank accounts. Unfortunately, cancellation requests aren’t honored, and users continue to get charged for services they no longer use.

Revuto solves this with a single central account that can be used to pay for all subscriptions. Revuto users retain complete control over all payments and can approve or block payments at any time. In addition, using Revuto’s native token, users can enjoy discounts on subscriptions and get cashback rewards.

Revuto tokens can also be used for staking to earn passive income. This allows users to save on their subscriptions and earn annual percentage yield (APY) over time.

More Innovative DApps Will Continue to Launch on Cardano

Cardano’s successful launch of Alonzo in September 2021 introduced smart contract functionality, which is essential for any blockchain that wants to support rapid DApps development. Hopefully, this will see a massive rise in DApp development on Cardano as the blockchain continues to position itself as a top contender for viable alternatives to Ethereum.

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