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This Discover article will protect what exchange tokens are, what they are utilised for, how they are obtained, and the new scrutiny on them in gentle of FTX’s described malfeasance related to its FTT token.

It was the shot heard ‘round the crypto entire world.

On November 6, 2022, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, CEO of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency trade Binance, claimed his company would move to liquidate its holdings of FTT, the indigenous token of rival exchange FTX.

His announcement induced an FTT selloff, bringing a best-five crypto exchange to its knees. FTX expert a financial institution-run instant, with $5 billion truly worth of buyer resources withdrawn in one particular day and didn’t have the liquidity to address.

In the aftermath of FTX’s meltdown, reporting has revealed just how substantially FTX and CEO Sam Bankman-Fried’s hedge fund Alameda ended up employing FTT as collateral. Individuals revelations have set trade tokens below the microscope.

This Discover post will glance at exchange tokens like FTT, what they are for, and what dangers they have.

What is an trade token?

An exchange token is a person indigenous to a cryptocurrency exchange and made by the business that operates the trade, typically framed as a “utility token” mainly because it has use on the trade.

The ideal-known illustrations of trade tokens are Binance’s BNB (the biggest trade token by current market cap) and FTX’s FTT. The other best centralized exchanges with their personal tokens contain KuCoin (KCS), Bitfinex (LEO), Crypto.com (CRO), OKX (OKB), and Huobi World wide (HT).

How are exchange tokens used?

Crypto exchanges launch tokens for different motives, including as consumer incentives for staking the token, masking transaction costs, raising capital and liquidity, and in situations of exchanges that are governed by a DAO, serving as a governance token.

In the situation of Binance, “Together with ‘fueling’ transactions on BNB Chain (very similar to fuel on Ethereum), BNB also acts as a governance token,” Binance suggests in a web site publish describing the token.

Binance claims keeping BNB presents buyers the right to “make your voice heard” and is needed to take part in BNB Chain’s decentralized on-chain governance.

More than at KuCoin, “KuCoin token holders get unique bargains on buying and selling costs and other linked charges in just the KuCoin exchange,” KuCoin suggests in its explanation of the positive aspects of its KCS token.

As KuCoin points out, the percentage of special discounts an investor could receive is calculated centered on the selection of KCS tokens held by them.

In addition, KuCoin states KCS holders can use the exchange’s token to shell out transaction fees.

Crypto.com’s CRO “offers its buyers obtain to specific rewards and reductions presented by way of its flagship credit score card products,” Crypto.com writes.“As Crypto.com grew into an ecosystem of crypto answers, CRO also extra positive aspects this kind of as decreased buying and selling expenses, better lending rewards, and much more.”

How do you obtain trade tokens?

As their identify implies, traders can purchase these tokens by means of the token’s father or mother trade. In some circumstances, as with FTX’s FTT token, they can also be bought on rival exchanges.

Except the exchange has a fiat onramp, traders searching to load up on exchange tokens will want to swap their Bitcoin or Ethereum for the token. This procedure normally consists of location up an account and heading through know-your-buyer (KYC) verification.

Relying on the trade, some tokens are only readily available in particular locations. For instance, FTT is unavailable in the United States and other prohibited jurisdictions.

“If you are located in, integrated or normally established in, or a resident of the United States of The usa, you are not permitted to transact in FTT,” the FTX.com web-site says.

What are the risks with trade tokens?

The chance associated with cryptocurrency trade tokens may possibly be obscure at very first.

In instances like FTX, which appeared to the sector to be a sturdy global affect participant, investing in FTT may possibly have looked like a superior strategy. That was right up until we contemplate how many of all those tokens a rival cryptocurrency trade held.

As mentioned above, Binance held a substantial number of FTT tokens: 23 million, truly worth about $529 million. Binance held all that FTT since it was an early trader in FTX in 2019, and when FTX cashed out Binance’s equity stake in July 2021, it paid out out Binance in FTT.

When Binance introduced it would liquidate its whole posture and amid an ensuing liquidity crisis, FTT’s benefit sank 85.6%.

A further risk with investing in trade tokens is what is identified as counterparty hazard. In crypto, counterparty possibility is mainly connected with stablecoins and the issuer’s claim that a actual-world asset backs the coin. Cryptocurrency exchange tokens have a related possibility: What is backing them?

This chance involves no matter whether the exchange has the liquidity it wants to back again its token, backed by a reserve of any type that it can faucet into if—as in the circumstance of FTX—liquidity dries up quickly.

Mainly because buyers may want to trade BTC or ETH to obtain these trade tokens, if the worth or selling price of that token drops, there is no recourse to get back the exchanged BTC or ETH. The similar danger will come with staking tokens.

Staking tokens lock them into the network or trade, and even though staked, the trader are not able to go or trade all those tokens. If the trade suffers a meltdown or cyber attack, the tokens will potentially go with it.

Did you know?

Not all cryptocurrency exchange tokens are compatible with components wallets. Check out the list of supported cash and tokens of the wallet you want to use.

A typical chorus in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space is “not your keys, not your crypto.” But in cases like FTX, and Terra’s LUNA, holding your coins in chilly storage is not going to help guard their price and will also clear away any utility it would carry on the exchange.

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