Why even Huge Tech’s Blockchain narrative does not make any sense | by Dirk Songuer | Nov, 2022 #Large #Techs #Blockchain #narrative #doesnt #perception #Dirk #Songuer #Nov

Meta Digital Collectibles

Like, definitely Sluggish. The issue is the way Blockchains reach a dispersed process without central authority: Consensus Mechanisms.

What scale are we talking about? Very well, Meta has this to say:

According to their individual blog post, Polygon has a theoretical restrict of 7.200 transactions per 2nd (TPS).

Meta crafted a function that, when their whole focus on viewers takes advantage of it, normally takes amongst 11 hours (most effective scenario) and 12 weeks (worst circumstance) to react to a single input.

It will not do the job to increase extra blockchains and to distribute the load above numerous blockchain networks. Polygon is basically a single of the more rapidly ones. The mighty Ethereum taps out at all-around 24 TPS and if you contain all side chains it is a couple dozen TPS. Certainly, genuinely.

Very well, the full detail is primarily excellent advertising and marketing: Release a few of flashy articles and information, give the aspect to some influencers, ride the factor as very long as they can and then quietly bury it. It is not a poor strategy to money in on the present Internet3 / NFT / Metaverse hype.

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